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Getting Started with Student Loan Consolidation Payment Servicing | Call (800) 813-3740

Converting your student loan consolidation payment servicing to the Payment Automation Network, Inc. is EASY. We do the work to make the process as smooth as possible for Student Loan Consolidation Companies and Student Loan Document Preparation Companies. Contact us here for more information.

What You Can Expect:

  • When you decide to choose Payment Automation Network, Inc. we will send you a “Start Up Package” by email. The Start Up Package contains everything needed to get started with our services.

  • Once the Start Up Package is received, the documents will be sent to our underwriting department for review. Once your account is approved by underwriting, we are ready to begin the process to convert the payment servicing on your accounts. We will work with you to gather the necessary documents and information for each account.

  • You can send us account information for payment processing several ways. We can integrate our services so payment information is automatically sent by your CRM Software. We can import account and payment information if you supply us with an import file, or you can enter account and payment information in our easy to use web portal.

  • Payments are processed and disbursed to you daily. Payment result information is automatically sent to your CRM software and is also automatically emailed to you. You also have access to our web portal so you can monitor your account 24/7.

Payment Automation Network, Inc. is a payment processing and servicing company specifically for student loan consolidation companies. We are confident that Payment Automation Network, Inc. offers the most comprehensive Student Loan Payment Servicing in the industry. Contact us today to see how Payment Automation Network, Inc. can improve your cash flow while insuring your industry compliance.


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