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Student Loan CRM Partners | Student Loan Payment Servicing CRM

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

Payment Automation Network’s student loan payment servicing CRM has pre-built integrations with the following student loan consolidation CRM (customer relation management) software vendors, so you can take your CRM application to a new level of functionality. Payment Automation Network can quickly collect and disburse your funds, greatly improving your cash flow. Payment data is automatically sent by your CRM software and payment data is automatically returned to your CRM. There is no double data entry needed.  Our integrated trust account/escrow processing keeps you complaint with the FTC, CFPB and the Department Of Education and our free account verification saves you thousands on return payments.

Shape Software CRM. Call (888) 762-7211

Onsite CRM Software.  Call 888-391-9291

DebtPayPro CRM Software. Call 855-874-8222

Managed Logix CRM Software. Call 888-268-0704

DataCore CRM Software. Call 855-686-6162

Don’t see your CRM software in this list?   Don’t worry, Payment Automation Network has the ability to integrate with any CRM software with our easy to use API interface.  Contact us for details.


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