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Payment Automation Network is a nationwide leader in helping Income Tax Preparation & Resolution Companies service their accounts by quickly and securely collecting & disbursing funds.

Tax Service and Tax Resolution Payment Servicing

If your business offers Income Tax Preparation Services or Tax Resolution Services, you need a convenient, automated way to get paid. Payment Automation Network offers the perfect solution for helping Tax Service companies get paid.

We Collect Payments

We collect payments directly from your clients bank account and send them to you.

We Handle Trust Accounts

We can help keep you compliant by holding your funds in trust until your work is completed.

Complete CRM software integration to prevent double data entry. Payment data is automatically sent & received.

Comprehensive Reporting

We provide you with comprehensive statement of funds collected, amount disbursed to your company, servicing fees & escrow deposits.

24/7 Account Monitoring

24/7 secure access to Payment disbursement statements, payment histories, delinquent reports and projected cash flow reports.

You Receive Your Funds

We disburse your funds, daily, directly to your bank account.

Get Started

Getting Paid for Tax Resolution Services


Weather you charge up front for all services or you charge a nominal upfront fee to pull the client’s transcripts and have a consultation, you need an automated way to collect your fees.

Most Tax Service companies find charging a small amount monthly, rather than a full fee, will help build trust with your client in addition to ensuring that they are working with someone who is both serious about solving their tax problem and able to offer an affordable payment schedule.

Of course, you want to collect the rest of the payment with as little hassle as possible. The easier you can make it for clients to pay you, the more likely you are to get paid—and get paid faster. With Payment Automation Network payment servicing, you can setup an easy to afford payment schedule and have your fees automatically drafted from your client’s bank account.   Our system will also send email reminders before processing payments, ensuring deductions are made on the scheduled due date. This guarantees you receive on-time payments, enhancing your overall payment experience.

What is Tax Resolution?

Tax resolution is the umbrella term for services that aid taxpayers when they run afoul with the IRS. Sometimes called IRS representation, tax problem recovery, or tax controversy, The services include: Offer in Compromise assistance, lien and levy relief, penalty abatement, lien release, levy release and more.

Tax Resolution Services include:

Installment Agreement


Under an installment agreement, the taxpayer agrees to pay the entire amount of their debt in monthly installments over a period of up to six years. This method allows the taxpayer to pay in small, manageable amounts so that the debt is not overwhelming.

Partial Payment Installment Agreement


A partial payment installment agreement, or PPIA, is like an installment agreement, except that a combination of the statute of limitations and the taxpayer’s ability to pay means that the tax debt doesn’t have to be settled in full.

Offer in Compromise


An offer in compromise is an option offered by the IRS that allows a taxpayer to settle their debt for less than what is actually owed.

Penalty Abatement


Tax penalties can stack up fast, so know how to get them abated can mean big savings for your clients.

Reasonable Cause


When you come to the IRS and invoke Reasonable Cause in an effort to get a tax abatement, you are essentially saying the taxpayer has a really good excuse for whatever behavior it was that led to their tax penalty.


Lien Release


When a lien is released, your client’s property or assets are no longer encumbered and subject to seizure by the IRS. More plainly, the IRS releases their claim on the assets.

Lien Withdrawal


While a lean release is an acceptable solution for your client in many cases, a release does not solve all the problems created by a lien. Most notably, a lien release does not address damages done to the taxpayer’s ability to obtain credit.

Levy Relief


When the IRS levies a taxpayer’s asset, that asset becomes the property of the United States Government.

Currently Not Collectible

A taxpayer can have all collection activity halted if they are under “Currently Not Collectible” status. This status is only for taxpayers whose expenses exceed their income.

We offer full Escrow services to credit servicing companies to help secure your funds without violating consumer debt protection regulations. 

CRM Integration

We Integrate Seamlessly with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

Our underwriting process is quick an easy. We will work with you to gather the necessary documents and information for each account in a quick and efficient way to avoid any data entry delays. To get started, please will out the form below:

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