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Secure Web Portal Provides You 24/7 Access to Your Student Loan Consolidation Service Account

Updated: Aug 10, 2018

24/7 Online Account Access

Can you monitor the servicing of your payment processing company? Easily check your payment collections? Run delinquent payment reports? Check your collection statements, payment histories with a click of a button?

We all know that the Internet has changed our world. Through our secure web portal you will have 24/7 tracking and monitoring of your account 24/7 anywhere you have an Internet connection. With Payment Servicing from Payment Automation Network, you remain in control of your account with the ability to monitor your account status

Payment Automation Network Payment Servicing Web Portal Gives You

  • Secure, direct online access through an Internet connection. Monitor your account 24/7.

  • Access to payment history reports, projected cash flow reports, new account listings, return payment reports, portfolio status, delinquent reports and more.

  • With the Payment Automation Web Portal, there is 100% transparency. Nothing is hidden. You have access to the same software our employees use.


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