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Top 3 Ways to Boost Your Tax Resolution Business Today!

Tax resolution companies face the difficult challenge of collecting significant amounts of information in a short amount of time. The IRS mandates adherence to strict deadlines. Your business has to run efficiently while appeasing the IRS for your clients.

Here are three ways that a tax resolution company can thrive by incorporating a third-party payment processing company:

Integrate a CRM Payment Processing System

In the world of business time is money! If you run a tax resolution or tax servicing company, you know how much of an arduous task it is to gather all of the information required to do your job. What makes this vital step even more crucial is that usually clients only come to you in the eleventh hour. They are under severe pressure from the IRS and need help fast. That is why incorporating an efficient CRM system is key to helping your business thrive.

Tax Resolution Leads

CRM systems allow you to organize your staff and new leads in one central location. If you’re a sales manager you will be able to see your sales teams progress, pipeline, and any prospective client information at the touch of a button. Gone are the days where you need to locate a specific sales person in order to learn about a client, the information is located in one central hub.

Collecting and Recording Tax Servicing Payments

No matter the size of a tax resolution company you own or manage, we know that keeping track of incoming and outgoing payments can be a major hassle. Add to this your own staff’s payroll and you can see how companies can quickly find themselves swamped in administration clutter. Let Payment Automation Network save the day. We provide the following services, so you can focus on helping your clients as much as possible:

  • We can integrate with any CRM system seamlessly so there will be no disruption to your everyday work when we come onboard.

  • We will collect payments directly from your clients, so you don’t have to worry about it.

  • We can help you stay compliant by holding funds in our third-party escrow account.

  • In accordance with the Federal Trade Commission we have the ability to charge upfront fees, mitigating the risk that you take with your clients

If you find yourself in need of a third-party payment processing company to lessen the burden on your staff call us today at (800) 813-3740. You can also find our contact information here. Allow us to help your tax resolution or tax servicing business thrive!


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