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The 4 Reasons to Choose a Third Party ACH Payment Processor

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The 4 Reasons to Choose a Third Party ACH Payment Processor

The 4 Reasons to Choose a Third Party ACH Payment Processor

Businesses can often times be caught up in the administration of their own cash flow as opposed to focusing on what makes them successful, their business. That is why when it comes to payment processing solutions, partnering with a third party ACH processor makes financial sense and why Payment Automation Network could be the right choice for you!

Here we look at 4 reasons why choosing a third-party ACH processing company can benefit your business and increase your bottom line.

Financial Compliance

Due to the strict consumer debt protection regulations imposed by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) it is now more difficult to stay compliant within these restrictions. Since student loan consolidation companies and credit repair service companies are unable to charge up-front fees for the service provided, it can become risky to dedicate more resources in order to collect on these payments. That is why you need Payment Automation Networks. We do all of the manual work and hold the funds in our third-party escrow accounts, so when your work is completed we can disburse your funds immediately.

Integrated Receivables Solution

When choosing a third party ACH processing company you need to be aware of how their process addresses some of the common challenges of your cashflow system. Common issues that can heavily tax your time and resources are:

Manual Data Entry

Debt Collection

Bank Data Checking

Double Data Entry

If you already incorporate a powerful financial CRM software system, have a chat with a Payment Automation Network representative. We partner with the leading financial CRM software companies and fully integrate them to make your process both smooth and efficient. You can see a list of our technology partners here.

Risk Free Low-Cost Payment Servicing Solution

Payment Automation Network thrives in creating a trustful and lasting relationship. Not only do we offer the most comprehensive payment servicing solution at a competitive price, we will only get paid when you get paid. Our low per payment fee is especially competitive in this industry.

In-depth Knowledge of Payment Servicing Industry

Running a financial company is complicated and you need somebody who knows the intricate details of payment processing. With over 40 years of experience, Payment Automation Network representatives have the knowledge and understanding to best improve your cashflow, increase your bottom line, and remove the stress of dealing with the pain points of payment servicing.

Payment Automation Network

If you have found yourself facing any of the above issues call one of our representatives today on (800) 813-3740 and we will offer a solution.


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