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Student Loans Consolidation Service – Fee Schedule | Payment Servicing

Payment Automation Network, Inc. helps Student Loan Servicing Companies by quickly and securely collecting and distributing funds.

Because we do such a large volume of student loan payment servicing, we can pass the savings to you. No matter if you have one single account or thousands of accounts, you get the same level of service.

How Much Does It Cost?

Our pricing depends on the number of accounts and the volume of payments to be processed. A small service fee per transaction is typical. The good news is there are no minimums or maximums to worry about.

For Pricing Call (800) 813-3740

Payment Automation Network, Inc. will keep your interests secure, manage all payments and records by:

  • Collecting payments from your clients, directly from their bank accounts.

  • Disbursing funds to the you, DAILY!

  • Handling all record keeping associated with the payment servicing.

  • Keeping you compliant with the FTC, CFPB and Department of Education by collecting and holding funds in escrow until you complete your consolidation.

  • Automatic payouts to the student loan companies on behalf of your clients with our comprehensive escrow service.

Included in Monthly Servicing Fees:

  • We will collect payments directly from your clients bank accounts.

  • We verify bank account information before processing it, saving you thousands on return payment charges.

  • We email your client a payment reminder a few days before the payment is due.

  • We automatically email you daily reports.

  • Keep an accurate record of every payment and disbursement.

  • Toll Free customer service for your clients.

  • Payment adjustments – done on request for no additional charge. We will reschedule payments, update account information including payment dates, amounts, escrow payouts, suspend or close an account or perform any changes needed.

  • Access to our secure web portal. You can print reports and monitor your account 24/7.


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