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Payment Servicing Solutions for Your Business

A nationwide leader in payment servicing through fast, secure fund collection & distribution

We specialize in helping you achieve your goals by quickly collecting and disbursing funds with no added work by you. We email your clients payment date reminders and verify bank account information before processing the payment at the bank, which saves you thousands on return payment charges. Through our secure web portal, you can view all your records of every payment and disbursement made and integrate with other CRM software you are using.

Who We Are

We eliminate the frustration of payment collections. Our comprehensive nationwide service manages all aspects of collecting & disbursing funds for your clients.


We offer full escrow services to help secure your funds without violating consumer debt protection regulations. We draft and hold funds in our third-party escrow account until your work is completed, we then disburse you your funds as directed.

What We Do

We Collect Payments

We collect payments directly from your clients bank account and send them to you.

We Handle Trust Accounts

We can help keep you compliant by holding your funds in trust until your work is completed.

Complete CRM software integration to prevent double data entry. Payment data is automatically sent & received.

Comprehensive Reporting

We provide you with comprehensive statement of funds collected, amount disbursed to your company, servicing fees & escrow deposits.

24/7 Account Monitoring

24/7 secure access to Payment disbursement statements, payment histories, delinquent reports and projected cash flow reports.

You Receive Your Funds

We disburse your funds, daily, directly to your bank account.

CRM Integration

Need a convenient solution to secure your funds without charging an up front fee?

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